• A message from our Creative Director
    A message from our Creative Director

    Michael Lockwood is the Founder and Creative Director of Out From The Mist. In this interview, Michael talks to us from the hospital while receiving ECT treatment for his mental health condition. Michael has a living experience of mental illness but his passion and determination to provide opportunities for people to tell their stories doesn’t […]

  • Australia Asia Film Group

    Media Release 23 July 2021 Australia Asia Film Group supports Out From The Mist as a competition sponsor in 2021 Out From The Mist (OFTM) is pleased to announce the support of Australia Asia Film Group (AAFG) as a sponsor of OFTM 2021. Out From The Mist is an international short movie and photography competition that gives entrants […]

  • Out From The Mist: The Backstory

    If you have, or have had, a mental illness, then you might have experienced a difficulty in explaining it to others. I know that I have. How, in words, do I explain what it’s like to have treatment resistant major depressive disorder, relate the experience of taking an ever-changing, seemingly ever-growing, smorgasbord of psychoactive medications, […]