Princess Pictures

Princess Pictures is an established film and television production company with an international reputation for producing projects with intensely creative talent. With productions shown on free to air television and streaming platforms through to Tik Tok video series and Audible productions, Princess Pictures prides itself as the link between creative vision and distributor networks. Princess Pictures gravitates towards new ideas, stories that haven’t been told or ways of telling stories that make audiences look at the world differently, especially with comedy.

Princess Pictures has been a proud sponsor of OFTM for 3 years. Each year Princess Picture is impressed by all the artists who try to visualise what they experience in a way that makes it understandable for an audience. Princess Pictures believes the Out From The Mist competition is important as a safe testing ground for people who are trying new ways of expressing their most vulnerable and hidden experiences with mental illness. The artists are all pioneers in fostering a visual language for broadening understanding of what happens for people with unique physical and mental challenges.

Some of the productions Princess Pictures have been involved with.

Laura Waters founded Princess Pictures in 2003 and is one of the original judges for Out From The Mist when Short film entries were included in the competition.

Laura has produced all five of Chris Lilley’s ABC/HBO/BBC comedy series, We Can Be HeroesSummer Heights HighAngry BoysJa’mie: Private School Girl and Jonah From Tonga, as well as Chris’s most recent series, Lunatics for Netflix.

Laura has overseen the production of a range of groundbreaking series with recent productions including ABC ME’s ‘vlogumentary’ series My Year 7 Life and My Year 12 Life; the award-winning documentary, The Graceland Happiness Project; Foxtel’s sketch comedy show Open Slather;  John Safran’s look at cross-cultural love, Race Relations; Peter Helliar’s acclaimed comedy anthology It’s a Date and feature film I Love You TooAustralia’s first Aboriginal sitcom, 8MMM; and Outlanda comedy series about gay science fiction fans. Currently, she is delivering a unique comedy/documentary/musical series to the ABC written by Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor from The Chaser.

We are extremely fortunate to have Laura with her experience and knowledge to provide feedback to our entrants. Her continued support as a sponsor allows us to grow this competition internationally and help provide opportunities for individuals to share their experiences.

You can check out Laura and the team at Princess Pictures here