Photography Winners

1st Place
Nina-Marie Thomas, San Remo Australia

This photo was taken using my phone on the windowsill of a psychiatric hospital during one of my stays. These cigarettes were smoked by the people who have shaped my recovery.

Shared cigarettes embody the emotional connections borne from our collective traumas. And, like ash, we too are cast out, repulsive, abject to the outside world.

The image was inspired by Irving Penn and Julia Kristeva, and features a page from Bessel Van Der Kolk’s ‘The Body Keeps Score’.

2nd Place
Jens Braun, Schiltach Germany

“Death is inherent in every life”
Since I lost six family members within two years, and most recently my beloved dog, grief and depression have been my constant companions. With professional help, I found inner balance. As a photo artist, these topics automatically appear more and more in my work. That’s why I very consciously use more colors, especially intense sea blue as a symbol of the source of life.

3rd Place
Troy Lum, Redcliffe Australia

“Mental health is no joke”
A representation of the internal and external struggle we face daily, the pressure to be happy on the outside and maintain the status quo but on the inside vulnerability and despair intermingle, encapsulating the painful reality faced by those grappling with inner demons. This juxtaposition prompts us to contemplate the profound effects of depression and the transformative power of imagination during our darkest moments.

Cherie Brodie Award
Yoko Young, Detroit, United States

“Alter Ego”
Alter Ego describes my past self during 2020-2022. During this time period, I was severely depressed and was struggling with my mental health. From losing my grandmother to losing myself, I was hopeless; I thought I would always be stuck like this. Now that I’m healing from my wounds, looking back at the past makes it seem like that part of me was just an alter ego…

Short Film Winners

1st Place
Lakshya Upadhyay, Mumbai India

“Born a Glass”

her cup was always full with colors that didn’t belong.
she longed to find herself.
her own color.
she set on the path of healing ,
the journey within.

2nd Place
Julius Neil Piala, Davao City Philippines

A couple of years after he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with other serious health concerns, Papa P was recently diagnosed with Adult Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on top of his worsening depression and anxiety. Mirasol, the Filipino term for “sunflower”, remains to be the symbol of hope for this family in the southern region of the Philippines who struggle altogether as the father continues to battle against his mental health condition.

3rd Place
Restoni A Goyala, Quezon City Philippines

You are worth little love if you are of little worth.
Society will cull those who can’t belong.
With no place to be, countless times I have been shoved to the brink of self-destruction.
Yet amongst hundreds of reasons to give up, I only needed one reason to go on.
Can I lift this weight off on my own?
Ah, I failed.
But who says I can’t give it another try?

Music Winners

1st Place
Juan Marco Albarracin, Brussels Belgium

The The Hague Revelation – my own Hell
I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. In April 2014 I was admitted at a psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands, it was the second time during my composition studies in The Hague. I was suffering from psychosis and during my hospitalization I was in hell. I was consumed by paranoia. Meanwhile I fell in love with Cornelia, my friend and colleague. My composition teacher advised her to stay out of my life but after I recovered we ended up together. We have a child. She conducted this piece in 2022.

2nd Place
Tessa Devine, Cairns Australia

“Dancing In the Rain”

‘Dancing In The Rain’ is about a Trauma that effected my mental Health significantly and still does. It is about being silenced and how that has effected me and others around me. This song tells the story of what that feels like and how I am Currently moving through this. It’s about heart break, Loss, most of all Strength and courage and is a story about how to speak up.

3rd Place
Allen Higginbottom, East Maitland Australia

“Beautiful life”
This song is about life always being available in all its beauty no matter what is thrown at you or how difficult it can get.