Out from the Mist

Out from the Mist is a photography and short movie competition – all you need is a smart phone to enter (although more upmarket kit is OK too). The competition is about mental illness but is also about so much more. Individuals facing challenges to their mental wellbeing are varied in their experiences and their responses. This competition hopes to capture the breadth of that diversity, from the experiences of pain and suffering, caring and empathy for loved ones, through to the elation of conquering obstacles.

All stories are valid and welcome: the competition aims to showcase the strengths and the travails, the joyous moments and the sad, of those who directly or indirectly confront the challenges of mental illness.

2021 Entries open 19 July and close 24 September.

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The Competition

The competition was open to photographs and short movies (under one minute) of your experience of mental health, and was broadly grouped around the following four perspectives: 

Lived Experience.
Mental illness encompasses a range of disorders, some transient, others chronic, each is a personal story of lived experience. Photos can be based on a wide range of emotions and representations, reflecting the diversity of people’s experiences.

Mental illness not only affects those experiencing it, but also those close to them. Photos can be based on the experiences of the individual, or those close to them.

Many people recover fully or partially from mental illness and live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Photos celebrate recovery and wellness or feature the pathways to recovery.

Despite progress in recent years, the one in five Australians experiencing mental illness still face challenges. Photos will give us images about society’s future, and how mental wellbeing is addressed in that future.  

We accepted entries for both photographs and short (less than one minute) movies.


Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia Inc (MIFA) is a federation of not-for-profit mental health organisations who each year deliver specialist services to over 20,000 people with mental illness and their friends and families. We work closely with people to assist their journeys to recover mental health, physical health, social connectedness and equal opportunities in all aspects of life. 

Our members build community, value peer support and lived experience, and support recovery. With over 55% of our workforce having a lived experience as a consumer or carer, we know from experience that a better quality of life is possible for everyone affected by mental illness.

MIFA is excited to be a part of this unique competition and we look forward to seeing your photos and the stories they tell.

Creative Director | Michael Lockwood  

Out From The Mist’s creative director is Michael Lockwood. Michael has worked as a senior executive within the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council, where among other duties, he had responsibility for the Council’s diverse engagement with the arts community. Michael has a lived experience of mental illness and has a Masters of Creative Industries with Distinction from Queensland University of Technology. 

Michael lives in the central south-west Queensland town of Charleville, where he spends his spare time between renovating a 100-year-old ‘Queenslander’ home, photographing the beauty of the Queensland outback and its heritage, and working on several video projects.


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