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We all know someone with a mental illness, and the effects of climate change, COVID and political instability are likely to have increased the prevalence of mental illness amongst our friends and family.

There’s never been a more important time to shine a light on mental health and help heal those who might be suffering in silence.

Out From The Mist curate’s individual stories to shed unique insights into the experience of mental illness. It gives those who have experienced mental illness a platform to be heard, and a platform to proudly share their work.

“’We are telling our stories because mental illness often makes us feel invisible. For people to create art and put themselves out there for you to see is courageous. It’s about people taking control of their story.”

Michael Lockwood

Founder, Out From The Mist

Out From The Mist relies on funding from philanthropists and corporate organisations to continue to create impact, share the voices and stories of those with mental illness, and fight stigma.

We invite you to support a global community of artists and help them become pioneers for mental health.

Our audience
  • Men and Women
  • Aged 16-60+
  • Interested in photography or filmmaking
  • Artists, photographers, and videographers
  • Want to share their story
  • They have a connection to mental illness through a loved one
  • They have lived experience with mental illness
How you can help

Through a tailored partnership, you can help us by:

  • Raising awareness of mental illness and amplifying the voices of those with lived experience.
  • Promoting the competition to your network for participation and engagement.
  • Make a bigger impact for artists and people living with mental illness by becoming a partner.
  • Donating prizes – photography and videography accessories, prize money, travel and other in-kind support.

Be part of an emotive and powerful international exhibition that inspires creativity and shines the light on real mental health stories.

  • Gain recognition by supporting a not-for-profit photograph, audio and short film competition that brings awareness to mental illness and mental health issues.
  • A tailored support package which could include:
  • Naming rights
  • Prize naming rights
  • Exhibition naming rights
  • Roadshow exhibition naming rights
  • Social media branding
  • Branding on website and marketing collateral
  • Artwork use
  • Opportunity to present awards
  • Networking opportunities
  • Event exhibit branding
  • Awards night branding

“The Blue Girl”

Photo by

Hayley Roberts

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