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Out From The Mist shines a light on the varied experiences people face with their mental wellbeing – from experiences of pain and suffering, caring and empathy for loved ones, through to elation of conquering obstacles.

While various competitions celebrate art as a form of therapy, Out From The Mist focuses specifically on expressions of lived experience of mental illness challenges.

Out From The Mist has built an international community of people affected by mental illness, to share their creativity and stories, and to inspire hope and optimism for the future.

“’We are telling our stories because mental illness often makes us feel invisible. For people to create art and put themselves out there for you to see is courageous. It’s about people taking control of their story.”

Michael Lockwood

Founder, Out From The Mist

Out From The Mist relies on funding from philanthropists and corporate organisations to continue to create impact, share the voices and stories of those with mental illness, and fight stigma.

We invite you to support a global community of artists and help them become pioneers for mental health.

Partnership Benefits

Increased Visibility and Reputation: This sponsorship positions you as leaders in corporate social responsibility, enhancing your reputation among consumers, potential clients, and within your industry.

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing: It offers your team members an opportunity to engage with a cause that matters and emphasises a commitment to holistic wellbeing.

Community Engagement: Connect with the community on a deeper level, creating meaningful dialogue around an important issue, and building lasting relationships based on shared values.

This competition offers a unique opportunity to shine a light on an topic that touches many lives, while also aligning with company values and enhancing brand awareness.

Be part of an emotive and powerful international exhibition that inspires creativity and shines the light on real mental health stories.

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“The Blue Girl”

Photo by

Hayley Roberts

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