19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

19 Karen was first established by Terri Lew in 2008 to promote and nurture talented emerging artists that were not being represented by mainstream commercial galleries. Fast forward to 2022 with this dream firmly realized, and 19Karen has seen many of these artists move on to become successful and sought after by renowned art galleries and collectors alike.

Today, more than 14 years later, Terri remains passionate about discovering innovative emerging artists who show the exceptional and diverse talent that breaks new ground within the arts, and that has the ability to shock or excite viewers, something modern consumers call for. At the forefront of 19 Karen is to provide the viewer with a sensory experience immediately upon entering the space. One that is full of colour and contrast, texture and tactility, culture and community, and above all cutting-edge beauty.

Terri believes beautiful collectible art should be accessible to everyone. As part of this culture, it is a priority for 19Karen to identify emerging talent from around the world and provide them with a platform to enter the often-elusive commercial gallery scene. Many artists discovered by Terri have gone on to share their established careers with the very galleries that would not take them on before they gained traction in the industry due to opportunities like the ones 19Karen provides.

Over the span of her career Director Terri Lew has developed a sharp eye for spotting emerging talent and forging relationships with artists and collectors These relationships are always mutually beneficial beyond mere remuneration; relationships are based on humanity, not a business. Art is for everyone, whether you create it or consume it, 19Karen believe that aligns with OFTM’s intention to capture the full breadth of the human condition through this competition.

19 Karen is proud to be a sponsor of OFTM 2022. Creative expression provides people with a positive vehicle to channel their challenges. Artists are alchemists. They can turn challenge or pain into something beautiful, into gold. A competition like OFTM unifies us all and celebrates the triumphs that can be found in adversity, provided you are willing to vulnerably share your experiences. Art provides any artist, whether affected by mental health issues or not, a safe distance to process, transmute and share difficult experiences often to moving and visually stunning effect.