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“I like all kinds of music – rock, folk, hip hop, new wave, country, psychedelic, electro, classical. I don’t see why artists should limit themselves to one style. We are of the playlist-making, Spotify-wielding, shuffle-friendly generation so, as artists, we’re very fortunate to be creating in the present climate.

As for me, I’d be bored senseless if I had to play 20 versions of pretty much the same song every night. I’m a punk at heart. I have zero desire to be locked into anything be it a marriage, a country or a genre. Freedom of expression is what music is about. If you aren’t free to experiment because your label want a repeat of your last album, what’s the point? Having said that, I’m a sucker for a pop melody.”

Renowned for her genre-hopping irreverence and mesmerising stage presence, the Melbourne  born, Paris bred songstress, Nadéah Miranda, has supported artists as diverse as Tame Impala, Nick Cave, Mick Jones (The Clash), Fun Lovin’ Criminals, James, The Do, Damian Rice, Yodelice and Charlie Winston and shared the bill with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Keane, Kelis, Funkadelic, Snow Patrol and Lily Allen.

She’s also worked with various acclaimed producers including Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes), Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), Tommy D (Catatonia, Right Said Fred) and Grammy nominated classical composer, Nicola Tescari, as well as Alice Ivy.


Malaysian-Australian musician and producer Yeo continually explores the
intersections of R&B, pop and electronic music. He traverses these dimensions
through his music, with the use of innovative instrumental arrangement, wry
lyricism and a truly unique genre-bending sonic palette.

Yeo’s expansive body of work extends over a decade of releases, spanning many
relatable themes—the complexities of human relationships, the impact of racial
injustice, and the nature of conflict. Yeo‘s raw lyrics and nostalgic melodies delve
into the depths of his personal experiences as a person of colour struggling to find
confidence and a place to belong.

These themes are prevalent in Yeo’s R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel
(2019) and Desire Path (2017) which included many collaborations such as songs
with Asta and Fractures.

Alongside his solo project, Yeo has upheld many roles including music director and
band member to Emma Louise, band member for Mo’Ju and Alice Ivy, producer and
co-writer on Asta’s EPShine and co-producer on Charlie Lim’s EPCHECK-HOOK.

Yeo has toured nationally selling out Howler and Newtown Social Club and
performed internationally in Ecuador, Iceland, Singapore and has supported the
likes of HÆLOS (UK), Giraffage (US), Kimbra (NZ) and Peking Duk (AU).
2022 sees Yeo releasing a string of singles lifted from his forthcoming body of work,
TIRED, NO MORE. The album will include his raw and exposed song TIRED, emoR&B cut OBSESSION and ‘90s-inspired bass-driven U IN? which features the return
of his infamous keytar solo

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