2022 Short Film Entries

Julius Neil Piala “Push on, Papa P
Melanie Hayward “Rely on Me”
Jorja Fuller “Sincerely, Anxiety”
Lakshya Upadhyay “Eunoia”
Ron Ruzzel I. Valencia “Papa, Huwag po! (Papa, I am begging you!)”
Casey Gray “Faulty neural pathway”
Angelo O. Fernando “Káya Kayá? Kayá Káya! (Can I Make It? That’s Why I Can!)
Jutta Pryor “flutter”
Julie Pallant “The Age of Loneliness”
Natalie Chapman “Last Chance To Disco Dance”
Kathelyn Dewilde “Misophonia”
Tg Mohammad Umar bin Tg Mohd Zairuddeen “Mental Downfall”
Carolina Nery “The Hiding Place”
Robert Berman “Light”
Laura Lewis “Why the Stigma?”
Suzanne Dang “Overcoming The Voices In My Head”
Robert Leigh “Love Me”