2021 Photography Winners

This is a trigger warning – some photos depict self-harm

1st Place
Sponsored by Affinity Software $3,000
x1 Affinity Photo, Design & Publisher Licences  

Ophelia By Taygan Bassi
This project stems from my subjective experiences living with depression and the subsequent detachment from self and reality. The series takes on a melancholy feel in its focus on introspection, finding the beauty within sadness and using practice-led research to express, reflect and heal through creating.
The image series are printed and frozen in ice, then re-photographed.

2nd Prize
Sponsored by Finding North
x1 Affinity Photo license

Gold Digging Poet by Scott Andrews
Wet plate collodion image of Kev! Kev has had a very interesting life and has certainly had his fair share of hurdles in life . You can see that in his eyes and his skin, a great poet and writer and a gold digger.
His favourite thing in the world is to be out in the bush away from people digging for gold! An extremely intelligent man, a true survivor.

3rd Prize
Sponsored by Finding North
x1 Affinity Photo license

Im still here do you see me by Amanda Smith
I’m still here, do you see me?
I am still here, still present, still alive, still me. My scars don’t define me and yet they are of me. Do you struggle to see past them, with them, through them, to me? My mental health battle is ugly, I am beautiful. Beauty doesn’t bestow happiness, I am not the girl who has everything, life doesn’t work like that. I can breathe, for now.

3rd Prize
Sponsored by QUT
x1 Affinity Photo license

Self Study by Robert Sherwood Duffield
This work is also prior to my seeking out psychiatric help. It depicts myself life-size pressed up against the picture plane, breaking apart and surrounded by darkness.
This is a pre-digital work and was produced by photocopying my entire body and using the photocopies to produce an expressive collage.

Runner Up Prizes
3 x Affinity Photo software licenses.    

Pieces Of The Facade- Christelle Wyatt
Removing the Social Mask- Cheryll Phillips
Night Terrors- Alexia Cerwinski

Runner Up Prizes                                   
4 x $150 FotoFast vouchers

Selfless by Kris Anderson
The Absurd hero and the path to Planet Embodiment by Anouska Edward
Black Dog Got Ya by Amanda Luker
Clinic. Nature. Healing. by Kathrin Dierich & Trevor O’Dwyer

Encouragement Award
$1,000 Camera Pro Voucher

Memories by Isabella Akaleigh Jones
This is my grandmother Rosemary, who has the condition of dementia. Dementia is often perceived as a condition of only loss and deterioration. However, Rosemary lives each moment, basking in it’s light, and the emotions from each new lived experience colour her wellbeing. Dementia is not the end of creating memories.

Peak Design Award

Strength and Fragility by Naomi Reiter
Facing away from the world, this young 12 year old is in a dark place, struggling with depression and anxiety caused by repeated bullying, her beautiful horse standing behind her. He is her emotional support; strong and majestic, he looks to the viewer reassuring that he is there for her. Her fragile state is revealed only by the single tear that runs down her cheek.