Terms & Conditions

Effective from 20 July 2020

1. The competition is being conducted by Regaining the Edge Productions Pty Ltd (ACN 627665981) in conjunction with The Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (ABN 73 204 129 543). 

2. Entries can address any aspect of the entrant’s experience of mental health.

3. Entries are open anyone who has had a lived experience of a mental illness, or to the family friends, workmate or other people who have had close association with anyone with a lived experience of mental illness. Mental Illness is taken in its broadest sense, and includes, but is not limited to any condition, whether medically diagnosed or not, that is identified as a mental illness under the current editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM) as published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and as modified for use by individual countries. Where a condition has not been medically diagnosed, self-identification as being experiencing a mental illness will be accepted. 

4. Entries must be the work of the person who enters the competition although collaborative entries are permitted. Where collaboration occurs, all parties should be identified in the entry description, however one individual will be responsible for submitting the entry and ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions. Entrants are free to use whatever device they choose, including smart phone or film cameras, subject to compliance with the remainder of these rules.

5. In order to be exhibited, entries from persons under 18 at 1 July 2020 must be supported by an email indicating parent/guardian consent (info@outfromthemist.com).

6. Entry is AUS $30 for a single photo or movie, and AUS $70 for four photos or movies. If you self-describe as being on a low income then you are eligible for a 30% discount entry fee using the code 30PERCENT.. Other entries from contestants associated with specific organisations may be entitled to seperate discounts. Entries submitted using discount codes will not be treated differently in any way to other entries, and your claim of being on a low income will be confidential to Regaining the Edge Productions. Regaining the Edge Productions retains the right to offer other discounts as it sees appropriate including waivering entry fees as it sees fit. Unless otherwise stated, all other references to dollars refer to Australian dollars.

7. Post-production, including combination of several images and sounds, image manipulation or sound manipulation using editing software is permitted. 

8. Electronic copies only will be received. Photos should be under 2MB and JPEG or JPG and should be at least 1,500 px on the longer side. 

9. If your photo is chosen for exhibition, you will be required to provide a high resolution copy of your photo suitable for physical exhibition at a quality of 3,000 pixels on the long side. If your original is not capable of printing to a satisfactory quality at a exhibition size, Regaining the Edge Productions will work use its best endeavours to assist you to achieve an aesthetically acceptable outcome.

10. If your short movie is chosen for exhibition, you will be required to provide a soft high resolution copy of the movie or link to a high resolution copy..

11. Regaining the Edge Productions reserves the right to withhold any photo or movie from exhibition at its sole discretion. Where an entry has won a prize the prize will still be awarded not withstanding exclusion from the exhibition. 

12. Entries should be submitted via the website form with the work’s name and a brief description.

13. Each entry should have a title and a written description of up to 2,000 characters. Should your work be chosen for exhibition, Regaining the Edge will work with you to edit that description to best match the standards and style adopted for the exhibition as a whole. You will retain final say on your text. 

14. Copyright of entries remains your property subject to other conditions contained in these terms and conditions. 

15. Photo entries should not have any watermarks, logos or copyright marks. 

15. By submitting the entry form, you give Regaining the Edge Productions permission to copy, exhibit and publish your submission (including any photograph, movie or text) or any part of it for any purpose relating to promoting this and future Out From the Mist competitions or otherwise promote mental health.

16. If your photo is chosen for physical exhibition, you give the same rights provided to Regaining the Edge Productions in clause 15. above to the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia, and sponsors of the competition except as provided for in clause 16 below.

17. If your photo wins a prize in this competition, you give Regaining the Edge Productions, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia and the sponsor of the prize a universal non-exclusive license to use your winning photo and/or written description for purposes of promoting mental health including their involvement in mental health issues. 

18. You will be credited wherever your images, movie and/or written description are used. 

19. Entries for the 2019 competition will close at 7.30pm on Friday 25 September 2020 Australian Eastern Standard Time. 

20. Entries are open to both residents and non-residents of Australia.

21. Judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

22. By entering the competition, you warrant that you are the creator of the photo, movie and written description and that you have all and any necessary permissions for display of the photo. 

23. Your entry must not contain any material or content that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, profane, encourages conduct which would be considered a criminal offence, gives rise to civil liability or otherwise violates any law of either Australia or the country from which you enter the competition. 

24. By entering the competition you assert ownership of copyright and moral rights.

25. Images of people under the age of 18 will only be accepted with an email from their parent or guardian providing their consent.

26. Breach of any of these conditions will disqualify you from the competition and you agree that your entry fee will be forfeited. 

27. Submitting the entry form constitutes acceptance of these conditions. 

28. Any disputes arising from this competition will first be mediated by a professional mediator identified by the Queensland Law Society https://www.qls.com.au/For_the_community/Alternative_Dispute_Resolution. All disputes will be be subject to the jurisdiction of Queensland Australia. 

29. Regaining the Edge Productions will not be held liable for the actions or failure to act of any other party associated with this competition, including any breaches of these conditions by those parties. 

30. The Privacy Policy forms part of these terms and conditions and may be updated from time to time. Any changes to the Privacy Policys will be made on the Privacy Policy page and will be effective for all entries received on or after the ‘Effective date’ at the top of that page. You should check the Privacy Policy before lodging an entry.

31. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be made on this page and be effective for all entries received on or after the ‘Effective from’ date at the top of this page. You should check these terms and conditions before lodging an entry.