The Competition

The competition is open to photographs and short movies (under one minute) of your experience of mental health, and will be broadly grouped around the following four perspectives: 

Lived Experience.
Mental illness encompasses a range of disorders, some transient, others chronic, each is a personal story of lived experience. Photos can be based on a wide range of emotions and representations, reflecting the diversity of people’s experiences.

Mental illness not only affects those experiencing it, but also those close to them. Photos can be based on the experiences of the individual, or those close to them.

Many people recover fully or partially from mental illness and live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Photos celebrate recovery and wellness or feature the pathways to recovery.

Despite progress in recent years, the one in five Australians experiencing mental illness still face challenges. Photos will give us images about society’s future, and how mental wellbeing is addressed in that future.  

We are accepting entries for both photographs and short (less than one minute) movies. You don’t need to be a professional or use expensive gear – a smartphone or cheap camera is fine. What we’re looking for are entries that say something powerful about mental health. Obviously skills and talent play a role, but so too does your experiences.

Entries are $30 Australian dollars for one work and $70 AUS for four. ($30 AUS is about $21 USD and €18.55). For those on a low income, simply enter the code 30PERCENT for a 30% discount.

Entries close on 25 September and short-listed entries will go on exhibition at the Queensland Government Building, 1 William St Brisbane, during Mental Health Week, 10 to 18 October. Winners will be announced probably on 14 October, depending on the impact of COVID-19. Winners and selected other entries will be posted to our Facebook site