Micah Projects

Micah Projects is a community service organisation that is effective in achieving lasting outcomes for people and for exploring and finding innovative responses to what some might regard as intractable social issues. Micah Projects works to break down barriers that exclude people from housing, healthcare, employment, and meaningful connections and to give people a voice. Working with individuals and families through issues such as homelessness, domestic and family violence, mental illness, and other adversity, Micah Projects ensure the immediate needs are met in a supportive, informed, and respectful manner.

Since 1995 Micah Projects has shown an unswerving commitment to social justice and for upholding the rights of vulnerable people: the right to housing, healthcare, educational opportunity, justice in the legal system, freedom from violence, redress because of institutional abuse, and gender equality.

Micah Projects believes in the power of art to transform peoples’ lives, both in its creation and appreciation. For many, it is difficult to put words into feelings especially when associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The process of making art, being involved in a creative endeavour, and being immersed in art, is an alternate vehicle to words to help express, explore and reconcile those feelings without judgment. 

It is well documented that engagement with creative activities, for those who experience mental health conditions, can increase self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth; encourage and stimulate re-engagement with their communities; and reduce their reported levels of depression and anxiety.

Micah Projects employs creative outlets across a number of our activities. At Lotus Place, Micah Projects has created a space where people can feel safe, a space where people can express their thoughts and feelings through their creativity, a space where there is no judgment, a space where people can support one another, a space where people can express themselves through visual arts & creative writing. Through these programs, people who have experienced abuse in institutional care have the opportunity to process and express the effects of these experiences. These works are then shared with the general community so that we may all learn from the mistakes of history.

The United Artists Project (UAP), is another activity of Micah Projects. The UAP aims to facilitate social inclusion and community connection through creative arts activities in the West End & South Brisbane areas. The weekly café art group is just one example of how the UAP engages with the community. This group is designed to provide an inclusive, safe place for marginalised artists and other members of the community to develop their artistic practice or learn new creative skills. Each week the group has a flexible direction, allowing its participants with varied interests and skill levels to continue with ongoing art projects or simply explore new techniques week to week.

Micah Projects has been a huge supporter of Out From The Mist and we wouldn’t be able to provide a competition like this without their support. We acknowledge Karyn and the team at Micah for their continued support and encouragement.

To find out more about Micah Projects, head to their website micahprojects.org.au