A message from our Creative Director

Michael Lockwood is the Founder and Creative Director of Out From The Mist.

In this interview, Michael talks to us from the hospital while receiving ECT treatment for his mental health condition. Michael has a living experience of mental illness but his passion and determination to provide opportunities for people to tell their stories doesn’t fade.

“We are not tellling our stories for sympathy or pity, or becuase we want to be understoond. We are telling our stories because mental illness often makes us feel invisible”

Michael Lockwood- OFTM Awards Night 2021

The competition opened on July 1st and for the first time, the competition is calling for musical entries. We have a whole new judging panel for Music and will introduce you to those judges at a later date.

Supporting the event again are photography judge Steve Parish & short film judge Laura Waters. Joining them for the first time is Kris Anderson in photography and Michael McMahon in Short Film.

Supporting a diverse group of people with mental illness at the grassroots level, empowering their voice, and giving them a chance to be seen and heard is Michael’s message to anyone looking to support this competition and safeguard its longevity.