2021 Short Movie Winners

1st Prize
Sponsored by Micah Projects $3,000

SIM- Christopher Michael
“I lost myself. My Autistic mind; a churn of information I could not let go of. I became its spin. A simulated abstraction of other people’s assumptions. I had no authentic self left to function from.” SIM is a failed attempt to signify the contradiction of people interpreting the Autistic/ADHD experience; becoming trapped in an information cycle of others making; the paradox of trying to communicate the unknown.

2nd Prize
Sponsored by Princess Pictures $1,000

Loopy by Lilly Warren
Loopy utilises mobile phone footage originally taken by filmmaker Lilly Warren in order to document the extent of her anxiety-driven facial tics for her psychologist. By manipulating the speed and looping elements of this raw footage, the film depicts the sensations of overwhelm and helplessness felt by the filmmaker during such episodes. 

3rd Prize
Sponsored by Princess Pictures $500

Flight by Edward Breathe
We all hold an image of self and identity and plans but when that is taken from us by unforeseeable life events, we are left fragile. When distress overwhelms us and when we are no longer able to attack it by fight, we run away from it by flight, which is a step on the pathway to suicide. The movie is a metaphor for flight, images now washed away by the tide, images and sounds of birds. Then there is those who remain, alone. Art, photography, script, narration by Edward, the model “Lauren”.

3rd Prize
Sponsored by QUT

 Untitled Self Study- By Robert Sherwood Duffield
It is especially satisfying and cathartic when I manage to express and convey through my work what it feels like to live with my condition. When I first saw Munch’s The Scream it was a cathartic and revelatory moment. I realised there were others with my condition and that I am not alone. It was then that I decided on a career as an Artist. This is designed to be projected onto a wall, with multi-channel sound as a loop.

Peak Design – Encouragement Award

 The Dance of Prakriti By Alyssa Salamon
Mental Health is complex.
In an exploration of grief and isolation, Alpha Sierra (videographer) responds to compelling music by Naomi Smith (cellist)  

Australia Asia Film Group Prize

Setting Free Anxiety Like a Fistful of Birds By Anna Jacobson
‘Setting Free Anxiety Like a Fistful of Birds’ is my visual representation of what I wish I could do with my anxiety. Managing anxiety each day is difficult, but art helps me change my own narrative and visualise new concepts.